10+ Things I Would Want My Daughter To Know…

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No, we’re not expecting! Ha-ha. 🙂

This week I caught myself just looking around at women; old ladies, young ladies and little ladies! I can’t say I’m surprised at how time has deteriorated the class or the self-respect in our women but I’m saddened by it. Offline or online there’s old ladies who smoke and drink, young ladies who shout in the streets, little ladies who refuse to be corrected in public. It’s all terribly sad!

Parents have their work cut out for them! More so in this time where ANYTHING good or bad is accessible VIA the click of a mouse. The discipline my guardians instilled into me I most definitely want to pass it on to my daughter and the things I took a while to understand, so I’m writing this post to help me remember a few pointers because their growth and transformation happens so quickly that I may forget what has to be said during our time together and also, to encourage any little or young lady who’s reading:

  1. ALWAYS pray! Not only in your time of trouble but every day! Yes there’s NOTHING too hard for Him but don’t call on Him only when you are faced with the impossible. In fact, do it right now, say “Hi Jesus.” 🙂
  2. It’s more than okay to say “No”. To anyone who wants you to do something you’re not comfortable with, your boyfriend, the driver of a taxi who wants to go off your route or even the man on the corner of Queen and Frederick Street when he asks you to smell his oil collection. :/
  3. Remember your manners, even if you don’t hear anyone’s response when you say it.
  4. Invest in your eyebrows, learn to shave them yourself…you get to save $15 every two weeks!
  5. Invest in a really good shaver (one with replaceable blades) much time AND effort will be saved.
  6. Any potential ‘baes’ that approach you should have a good upbringing. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, walking at the side of you and not in the front (if this isn’t possible then he should walk at the back) and if walking on pavements he should be on the side closer to the road. These little gestures are important and if you don’t see a man with these in him then don’t worry…God will send another 🙂
  7. There will be women who are going to try to break you. Yes, your own kind. Even your best friend! Forgive her but be wise, don’t give her the opportunity to break you again and again.
  8. There will be men who will try to use you in any way beneficial to him. Look out for them! Don’t let them get to you baby girl!
  9. Wear Heels! Not every day but on occasions when it’s really needed! 🙂
  10. Put on a little brown powder…it blocks the sweat and shine!

There are so much more I can add to this list such as use a cookbook, wear clean undergarments at ALL time, don’t wash your jeans too often, make your own clothes, speak ONLY when you’re spoken to, never carry on what you ‘heard’, have respect for everyone, be seen first not heard (I’m sure everyone’s mom rang this in their ears haha), be confident but not too confident, learn a foreign language or …let me stop here ha-ha. I can go on and on! And as time go by I can even add more to it. Who knows, the title of this post could turn into “20 Things…30 Things…40 Things and even 50 Things…” *blocks face*.

Or just maybe, I’ll let her read them herself! 🙂

Later on I’ll have a post up on “10+ Things I Would Want My Son To Know”…hopefully I get Hayden to write it! =)


Until next time!


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