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You wake up one morning and the plans you had from however long ago no longer interest you. You reach a point where you are no longer inspired. You’ve hit rock bottom and you just gave up. This was me.

While growing up, I told myself a couple of times that by the age of twenty-one, my life would be in perfect order. Boy was I wrong. Haha. Two years have gone by and I’m YET to get close to that level of ‘perfection’. For some good months, the things that I would often be excited for and often run to get done quickly, was turned into things I disliked. Was this because of boredom? Was it complacency? I didn’t know, but what I did know is that the unmotivated feeling HAD to go!

1. Setting Goals – My long-term goal that I wanted to accomplish by the age of twenty-one was to have a physical Clothing Store. Let’s be real. Unless I came from a really wealthy background (which I did not), that goal was unrealistic. So of course not getting to where I wanted to be left me extremely disappointed in myself. Be real with your goals. You know yourself 🙂

2. Try Again – Learning from your mistakes is EXTREMELY important. If you start a project and it didn’t go too well, just look deeply at where you went wrong and start again. Remind yourself that you’re young and you MUST make mistakes. It’s ok 🙂

3. Start a New Chapter – If you did number two and it didn’t go too well again then honey don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. Don’t be hard on yourself because of it. There’s TONS of different avenues out there you can try. Grab a new niche and start a new chapter. 🙂 If you need help figuring out your strong point don’t be afraid to talk to your friends, people see what you can’t see in your life.

Giving up does nothing for you but make you feel like a big failure and we all know that we can do anything through Christ our Lord. When you doubt yourself, you’re actually doubting God. So pull yourself together, free your mind from any negativity and go on. I’m rooting for you!


Until next time my Dani-Lions! 😘

3 thoughts on “Start a New Chapter

  1. Love love love this. I love the encouragement that you give to your readers. Thank you☺

  2. Really enjoyed reading this, Very inspirational !!!
    May God continue to bless you and give you the strength you need ^_^

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