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Scentbird Review

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of perfumes / colognes / anything that’s sweet and you spray it on the body. It’s really a headache to go to a Beauty Supply Store and stand for so long trying to select a fragrance I ‘think’ I’ll use for the next three months or so. Then after I’m in on my second month I get bored of the scent so I go out and spend another $500.00TTD on another bottle and I keep doing this process again a couple of times. Leaving me with tons of unfinished bottles of fragrances. Sigh. I prefer to go natural.

Maybe, however, this is your kind of thing. Maybe you enjoy doing this because you adore fragrances, or you just love getting that brand new smell all the time! So when I heard about Scentbird I thought probably this would help me enjoy getting sprayed up without breaking the bank.

Scentbird is a monthly subscription service in which you sign up and receive one 8 ml vial of either a woody, floral, fruity, spicy or flirty Designer-Fragrance. You have a choice of listing out the fragrances you’d like to receive, whether it be a perfume or a cologne, month after month or just sit back and let them surprise you. I chose the second option because I really, REALLY think it’s a headache to select which perfume I want. Sigh lol

The cost of this monthly subscription is $14.95USD BUT hehe, yes y’all already know there’s a ‘but’, because at first I was like am I really going to pay $105.00TTD per month for this?! Nope! So I headed over to trusty ‘ole Ebates (Read my review about here if you haven’t already) 😁 and I got me $5.00USD cash back which brought me to $9.95USD ;$ 70.00TTD 💃🏾 that’s when I decided to give it a try! My shipping company charged me a mere $21.00TTD clearing fee and I couldn’t be happier! 😌

The package took approximately a week and a half to get here. It came in a black lightweight envelope. On the inside there it was in one piece staring at me waiting to be sniffed. The vial was protected by a white case that allowed you to spin the top part to access the fragrance. And to get the entire bottle out you could spin and pull the bottle top up a little and it would slide right out. The fragrance I received was Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana, this is somewhat of a floral scent. I really like it! I’m excited to try others and just the thought of me not breaking the bank or me being able to skip a few months and restarting when I feel to is awesome! You can even get these as gifts for friends! Steal!

I’d say give it a shot, it’s definitely worth the try 😌 Head over to the website, sign upand browse through and place the fragrance in your cart. When you’re done don’t forget to check out via Ebates so you can enjoy that $5.00USD saving 😁!

As always, thank you all so much for reading! Before you go, can you share with me how you go about choosing fragrances? I’d LOVE to know the different ways you guys do it! Comment below! Thank you!! 😄

Until next time my Dani-Lions! 😘✨

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  1. I love perfumes but I honestly cannot tolerate loud scents. My sinus acts up.
    But thanks for the info will pass it on ^_^ .

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