“Valentines Day”

Some love it, but to others, it means nothing. However you choose to celebrate is up to you and your partner…When Hayden and I started dating we didn’t care about it too much because well, we were poor haha. To enjoy this “day of love” he would either take me to the beach or we would go on a little ice cream date. Having flowers delivered, buying a teddy or going to dinner was never an option for us. However, this year, everything changed.

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Let’s Discuss Goals!

Hey guysss!!! 🙂

The first week of the month is normally that time we all settle down from all the Christmas and New Year excitement, put pen to paper and jot down a couple of things we’d like to accomplish by the end of the year or projects we’d like to continue working towards from the previous year. Some people say this is rubbish, some go by it. I’m one of those who goes by it 😉

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