No, we’re not expecting! Ha-ha. 🙂

This week I caught myself just looking around at women; old ladies, young ladies and little ladies! I can’t say I’m surprised at how time has deteriorated the class or the self-respect in our women but I’m saddened by it. Offline or online there’s old ladies who smoke and drink, young ladies who shout in the streets, little ladies who refuse to be corrected in public. It’s all terribly sad!

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Almost three years ago (could be more) after finishing Secondary School I was more than eager to find me a job. =) So in Trinidad there’s this organization called On The Job Training (OJT) where you do a two week Office Etiquette course and they find a job for you within a week of your training. After doing this course I didn’t just want to sit and wait for a call from them so I grabbed the local newspaper and began searching through the classifieds, found a suitable position and emailed my resume.

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“Valentines Day”

Some love it, but to others, it means nothing. However you choose to celebrate is up to you and your partner…When Hayden and I started dating we didn’t care about it too much because well, we were poor haha. To enjoy this “day of love” he would either take me to the beach or we would go on a little ice cream date. Having flowers delivered, buying a teddy or going to dinner was never an option for us. However, this year, everything changed.

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