2016 | Why I cut my hair | Psoriasis | My Hair Story

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Heyyy guys, before you all start throwing fists at me, please allow me to apologize sincerely and genuinely for the way in which the page was left πŸ™ . No “goodbye” post, no “taking a break” post, nothing. It was no doubt every fault of mine and I hope you guys missed me as much as I missed you all. I feel like I connect with you guys through my posts and your warm comments and lovely messages so I hope we can pick up where we left off and keep the love flowing. πŸ™‚

At the beginning of this year we’ve heard over and over again that 2016 was such a tough one. Now, I believe that time is only going to get harder as the days go along but what I didn’t expect was for it to throw me down with such force. I’m here today to talk about the annoying condition I went through in 2016.Β Please note that this post contains an image that might be gross to some persons so if you’re eating right now you might want to wait until you’re finished to read any further.

Let’s start with my eating habits, in January 2016 I tried getting myself together and starting a diet and exercise plan. Those of you who see me on a regular know that it hasn’t been going too well. Hehe. I never fought my urges, I just gave in whenever I craved, whenever I felt like I needed a treat, whenever I felt stressed, whenever I felt like I needed comforting and this resulted to me being overweight right now. My efforts at exercising proved to be a waste. Sigh.

Several months of not eating right because of how I felt took a serious toll on me and I started seeing raised rash like spots all over my body. It started on my back and moved to my stomach, then my arms, legs and chest. Thank God it never showed up on my face so I was able to conceal these spots by wearing the right clothing and it didn’t worry me too much because I loved food so that didn’t stop me haha.

Fast forwarding to July / August I started noticing huge clumps of flakes falling out of my hair. It would fall on my shoulders, my pillow and even when I hug someone >.< gross, I know πŸ™ and so I thought well my dry scalp must be turning into dandruff so I began doing ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinses, baking soda rinses, aloe vera rinses… but nothing changed. Not too long after, it spread to my hairline and around my ears. There were also little spots of it on my face and that’s when I became very worried. I would often go out with a scarf tied up on my head because I was so ashamed of how my hair looked. Sometimes I wouldn’t feel like going out at all, my past time was sitting at home crying. πŸ™

A good friend of mine (thank you Nella) insisted that I go to her dermatologist and so I paid him a visit and was diagnosed with Psoriasis of the Scalp. . .confused, even more sad and a little angered I took the prescription and got what I had to get and after two months of doing exactly what was prescribed, I’m not kidding you, my hair and skin was extremely clean!

During that period, I didn’t put any chemicals in my hair so that the treatment could respond best. And after three / four months of no relaxer I decided that maybe it was best if I cut all my hair off. I no longer wanted my hair to be chemically dealt because I was also afraid of it irritating my scalp and making the situation worst so I hopped on YouTube and started watching endless videos on “The Big Chop”. I also consulted two of my girlfriends (thank you Charisma & Amelia) and they walked me through the process. Time flew by and when I finally had my mind made up I took the step on December 31st 2016 at 8:00 pm…yes I also saved the time haha.

Cutting my hair wasn’t the hard part because it was already in a pixie cut and I also knew that it would be best for my situation. The hard part was when I looked at myself in the mirror after doing so. I looked like a boy haha. I managed to put together a style and added some makeup and well it turned out much better than I expected. πŸ™‚ With clean, short and NATURAL hair, I got colour happy and went from blonde to burgundy and then to brown. I have never been able to do this before because of my relaxed, dry scalped hair.

I must say that I was a little embarrassed to post this because society can be so harsh. I was afraid of getting scorned but I’ve looked past that and realized it doesn’t matter, I’m focused on encouraging and motivating someone out there who’s going through the same situation. Don’t worry love…it can be fixed πŸ™‚ I’ve managed to keep my hair clean for the past four / five months by following a simple regimen.Β If you all would like to hear more about that however, be sure to let me know and I’ll do a post on that.

Use this image for Pintrest.

Thank you all SO much for reading, as always, I REALLY appreciate it.

Until next time my Dani-Lions! 😘

15 thoughts on “2016 | Why I cut my hair | Psoriasis | My Hair Story

  1. Yaaayyyy she’s back I knew you had it in you…you go Big sisπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. Wow that was a lot to go through, but I love how you went through it with grace. An your short natural hair looks great. An I know your story will give someone else courage, to go through what they make be going through.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww – So Proud Of You For Sharing…Woman Of Strength We Call You…And You’re Hella Gorgeoussssssssssssssssssssss With Short Hair…Psoriasis Who #ByePsoriasis #HelloTheNewDani

  4. Thank you Dani for sharing am currently facing a similar challenge thank you for reminding me what true beauty isu i think God answered my prayer right here bcause am on the same “big chop” road back to my natural roots. Am curre tly watching same youtube vids but I will make the step soon with God help…

  5. You’ve always been beautiful! Sharing this story shows more of your inner beauty as well. Keep doing you babe.

  6. Very inspiring. Love your new look actually.
    I am awaiting the post on the treatment regime for the psoriasis in your scalp. Was it something hard for you to stick to?

  7. At first i wuz wondering y u cut all dat nice hair off but now readin dis i c y u hd 2 do it. But yr dermatologist really did a gr8 job in gettin yr hair bk on track. D new look actually iz beautiful n it takes u perfectly. Tnx 4 sharin it wuz truely inspiring. πŸ™‚

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