How Do I Know if He’s “The One”

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Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve missed you all sooo very much! Tonight I’m coming with a blog post that I’ve been nudged a lot about. Before I begin, let me just put this quick disclaimer; I am not a relationship expert nor a counselor, I only speak from experience and what has worked so far for me. I always pray about situations and wait on an answer from God so I strongly advise you to do the same. You can read what I write but still pray and ask God to guide you. 🙂 Let’s begin:

There’s no direct way to look at someone and say they’re your’s. Even though I believe that ‘love at first sight’ does exist, disagree if you’d like to and tell me why, there’s also the possibility of infatuation but the way the world is going now it’s really easy to tell them apart. So after you’ve noticed that person and you feel like you felt a connection with them and ready to get into the dating process then this is where the situations arise.

Men, for quite some time, have been looked upon or stoned for the downfall of most relationships when really it’s we as women need to check ourselves. Sometimes we do things we’re unaware of that triggers a negative reaction to our man. Are you being too hard on him? Are you testing him? Are you doing what he doesn’t like? Do you shout at him? Do you constantly laugh at him? Do you tell him hurtful things? Do you bring down his masculinity? Analyze yourself hunnie, is it you? Be truthful boo! 🙂

Now, look at your man, look at what he does for you. Does he push you to be a better person? Does he help you work harder? Does he encourage you? Is he your biggest supporter? Does he try his absolute best to go out his way for you? Does he change plans to accommodate you? Does he listen to you when you’re trying to speak? Does he compliment you? Has he told his parents about you? Does he respect you?

Hold that thought.

Let’s look at some negatives, does he say things that hurt your feelings? Does he ignore you? Does he try to avoid you? Does he open a door and walk in before you and leave it to swing back on you? (This is VERY bad) Is he self conceited? Does he look at other girls in your presence? Do you find yourself always waiting to see if he would ‘text first’? Do you think twice about doing something for him? Is he draining you financially, physically, emotionally or mentally? Do you find yourself always having to second guess everything he says?

Take a minute and look at the questions and see which outweighs which. Is there more good than bad? Or is there more bad than good. When you come to a conclusion YOU determine your next move from there. I’m not here to tell you leave or stay, that’s all up to you. But remember, love is an action word. It cannot be simply said and meant. There MUST be active proof of it.

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