Hair Regimen with Psoriasis | Journey to Healthy Hair

Last weekend I did a post about my breakthrough with Psoriasis and well let’s just say that I was super surprised at the amazing feedback I received. I was honestly a bit scared at making the post in fear of being scorned but now I’m really glad I did. Those who left messages on Facebook, Instagram, the Blog and even in person I appreciate you all so very much omg! Thank you all for such kind words and motivation.

This post is like a part two for the last one because I really didn’t think anyone would’ve been interested in hearing what I did but again, I was so surprised! Sigh ❤ Let me get right into what I have to say hehe. If by chance you haven’t read last week’s post please do so before reading this one 🙂

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2016 | Why I cut my hair | Psoriasis | My Hair Story

Heyyy guys, before you all start throwing fists at me, please allow me to apologize sincerely and genuinely for the way in which the page was left 🙁 . No “goodbye” post, no “taking a break” post, nothing. It was no doubt every fault of mine and I hope you guys missed me as much as I missed you all. I feel like I connect with you guys through my posts and your warm comments and lovely messages so I hope we can pick up where we left off and keep the love flowing. 🙂

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Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve missed you all sooo very much! Tonight I’m coming with a blog post that I’ve been nudged a lot about. Before I begin, let me just put this quick disclaimer; I am not a relationship expert nor a counselor, I only speak from experience and what has worked so far for me. I always pray about situations and wait on an answer from God so I strongly advise you to do the same. You can read what I write but still pray and ask God to guide you. 🙂 Let’s begin:

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A Summary of Our Six Months…

Wow! Time flew! As of two Monday’s ago (6th June 2016) we giddily reached the sixth month of the knotting of our love. YAYY!! 😁 It feels like we got married last weekend and at the same time, like we have been married for years. We thank God so very much for His daily help, mercy, love, guidance and mostly for the times He pulled us through situations we couldn’t bare handle ourselves. God is extremely good guys, continue praying for your husband/wife EVERY day! Nothing is impossible for Him to fix…don’t ever forget that! 🙂

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Hey guys!

It HAS been long! On my last post I sincerely apologized for my absence on the blog and there I went again going M.I.A. Sigh. A LOT has been going on since I last left you guys and it has been really heavy to manage but I’m glad I can come back having made it through to chat with you guys. Again I say thank you to my faithful readers who have been constantly checking in on me. Whether it be to ask for a new post or to ask how I’m doing I thank you all I love you guys very much <3!

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No, we’re not expecting! Ha-ha. 🙂

This week I caught myself just looking around at women; old ladies, young ladies and little ladies! I can’t say I’m surprised at how time has deteriorated the class or the self-respect in our women but I’m saddened by it. Offline or online there’s old ladies who smoke and drink, young ladies who shout in the streets, little ladies who refuse to be corrected in public. It’s all terribly sad!

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Almost three years ago (could be more) after finishing Secondary School I was more than eager to find me a job. =) So in Trinidad there’s this organization called On The Job Training (OJT) where you do a two week Office Etiquette course and they find a job for you within a week of your training. After doing this course I didn’t just want to sit and wait for a call from them so I grabbed the local newspaper and began searching through the classifieds, found a suitable position and emailed my resume.

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